Changes in social participation of CWD wheelchairs users catered by DLSMHSI-CRS in Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Wheelchairs, Children with disabilities, Social participation.


The study utilized a descriptive survey type of quantitative study wherein they provided a questionnaire to describe the changes in social participation after they were assessed, evaluated, released for the use of wheelchairs. The respondents are the children around Cavite who suffer from motor or developmental disabilities who were catered wheelchairs by DLSMHSI-CRS. They were selected using purposive sampling technique. To obtain the possible respondents profiles, the researchers gave a letter for approval to access database to DLSMHSI-CRS' office. This was approved. The researchers traveled to the location of each respondent whom they were able to contact and they distributed informed consent forms and the questionnaire which they or their parents/guardians answered. The researchers collated all information gathered from the respondents and submitted it to the statistician. As a result, the researchers were able to provide relevant descriptive statistics using all the data obtained which aimed to satisfy the general objective. The results of the study showed above average change on the respondents' social participation as to interpersonal interactions and relationships, major life areas, and community, recreation and leisure. The results also showed that there is significant difference on the changes in social participation of the respondents with wheelchair use when they are grouped according to educational status and the type of wheelchair they use.

Second Advisor

Floyd Robin M. Puno

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