Domain of functional affectation and profile of children with special needs in the 4th district of Cavite (research locale set in selected barangays in Dasmariñas City, Cavite)

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Disabled Children, Affective Symptoms


This study used total enumeration technique and snowball or referral technique to gather data of children with special needs. Questionnaires or survey forms were the data gathering instruments. The questions that were asked in the survey aimed to identify the demographic, educational, socioeconomic and rehabilitative services profile of children with special needs. The survey also included the non-monetary support system, wherein the researchers asked if the participants (CWD) were receiving any non-financial help from the government and rehabilitative services if given. Frequency distribution and percentage were used to determine the general trends. This study concludes that most of children with special needs in the 4th district of Cavite within the selected barangays were males, currently studying and belong to Class E economic status. Most of them were receiving highly satisfactory psychosocial and non-monetary support. Most of the respondents were assessed by medical doctors but were not able to receive the results/diagnosis. Majority of children with special needs were identified to have speech, language, and communication problems. The researchers concluded that these children with special needs are least prioritized in terms of medical/rehabilitative and educational services.

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