Perception in using TRX training as a conditioning exercise among fitness trainers in Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Preoperative Exercise, Physical Fitness


A descriptive type of research design was used with a researchers' self-made survey as the primary instrument of data gathering. Respondents of the study were 50 trainers, who work at the gym (70%) and at a recreational center (30%) in Cavite. They were selected using purposive sampling. Data were analyzed descriptively using mean that is presented through graphs and tables. Findings showed that the trainers in Cavite have an overall good perception of TRX as conditioning exercise as to use, benefits, method of application, precaution and contraindication, advantages and disadvantages or limitation. One restriction encountered was the limited number of respondents. The researchers had difficulty in seeking their target population for their participation in the study since TRX suspension training is not as common nowadays. In view of these findings, it was recommended that further studies should be done to further elucidate the perception of trainers in using TRX as a conditioning exercise.

First Advisor

Elfren Martin C. Mendoza

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