The relationship between satisfaction with care and adherence to physical therapy care among musculoskeletal patients at selected physical therapy clinic in Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Musculoskeletal Diseases, Physical Therapy, Treatment Adherence and Compliance


This study used correlative quantitative type design using non-probability purposive sampling. The respondents were patients with musculoskeletal conditions and physical therapists in the affiliated clinics in Cavite. A survey type of questionnaire was used, which is composed of two (2) parts: satisfaction questionnaire was adapted from “The development of an instrument to measure satisfaction with physical therapy by Goldsten et al. and patients satisfaction with outpatient physical therapy: instrument validation by Beattie, P.F. et al” and adherence questionnaire was adapted from the “Sport Injury Rehabilitation Adherence Scale (SIRAS) by Brewer et al., (1995). Statistical analysis used is mean. The overall results show that there was a positive relationship between patient satisfaction and adherence to physical therapy care.

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