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Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy


Knowledge, Perception, Counterfeit medicine, Caviteños, General Public


In the Philippines, the problem of counterfeit medications persists. With this, the Philippine FDA has increased education programs against counterfeit medicines. This study aimed to describe and assess the knowledge and perceptions of the general public living in Cavite regarding counterfeit medicines and analyzed the relationship between socio-demographic variables, experiences in purchasing and using medicines, and the knowledge and perceptions of Caviteños on counterfeit medicines that might aid improved anticounterfeiting measures.

The study employed a non-experimental, analytical cross-sectional design that utilized a quantitative method that employed a five-part survey questionnaire. Participants (N=392) were residents of Cavite who are aged 18- 59 years old, who are inept in English and/or Filipino and not in-training or inpractice healthcare professionals. The online survey consisted of a five-part questionnaire, which was electronically circulated as Google Forms posted in different social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The data collection lasted for about three weeks which started on April 19, 2022.

The data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The association of the respondents' knowledge and perception of counterfeit medicines with sociodemographic factors and experiences in purchasing and/or using medicines was determined by Pearson’s Chi Square test for Associations and Spearman’s Rho Correlation test for the correlation between knowledge and perception. Most of the respondents demonstrated a high level of knowledge and the majority had a negative perception and indicated a significant and weak positive relationship between these two variables. The positive relationship between level of knowledge and perception means that when the level of knowledge is high, the perception is negative, and when the level of knowledge is low, the perception is positive.

First Advisor

Katrice L. Binos