Cytotoxicity testing of capsaicinoids present in Capsicum frutescens (Siling labuyo) against cancer cell line MCF-7 (Human Breast Cancer) using MTT assay

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Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy


Cytotoxicity testing, Capsicum, MTT assay, Breast Cancer


The dried samples were extracted three (3) times using Ethyl acetate as the solvent. The collected crude extract was further subjected to Column Chromatography using silica gel as the stationary phase while Hexane, Ethyl Acetate, and Methanol were used as the eluents. For thin layer chromatography, 95:4. 5:0.5 v/v/v of chloroform: methanol, acetic acid was used as the solvent syste. The spots were detected by placing the place in a chamber saturated with iodine vapor. The MTT cytotoxicity assay performed in this study was adapted from Mosmann (1983). Eight two-fold dilutions of the sample were used as treatments staring from 100 µg/mL down to 0.7813 µg/mL. Doxorubicin served as positive control while dimetthyl sulfoxide (DMSO) served as the negative control. The study concluded that Capsaicinoids other than capsaicin extraction from Capsicum frutescens are not cytotoxic against cancer cell line MCF-7.

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Michael John C. Rivera

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