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Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy


Antimicrobial Agents, antimicrobial activity, ointments, ethanolic extract, Basella alba, Family basellaceae, Agar, Plant Extracts


Basella alba leaves were extracted using 95% ethanol. The ethanolic extract was incorporated to the hydrophilic and oleaginous ointment bases that were formulated. Physicochemical and microbiological properties of the ointments were determined by solubility testing, spreadability testing, pH measurement and sterility testing. The antimicrobial activity of the ethanolic extract and formulated ointments were determined by Agar Well Diffusion Method. The microorganisms used were Staphylococcus epedermis and methicillin-resistant staphyloccus aureus (MRSA). Based on the results, the formulated ointment were sterile. The ointments were also solube in chloroform. the formulated ointments have high spreadability. The pH of the formulated oitment bases ranges to 6.30 to 7.22. For S. aureus, the zone of inhibition of the hydrophilic ointment was 15.10 mm while the oleaginous ointment was 6:10 mm. For MRSA and S. epidermis, the two formulated ointments have similar zones of inhibition. The study shows that Basella alba has antibacterial activity and has high potential as antibacterial agent when formulated as an ointment for topical use.

First Advisor

Timothy Jay L. Bengala