A study of the concepts of nursing as perceived by the first year nursing students of De La Salle University-Aguinaldo batch 1999

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


College Students, Nursing, Nursing Education


The study employed the descriptive type of research method to describe the level of perceptions of freshman nursing students regarding selected nursing concepts. A total of 155 freshman nursing students of DLSU-A were the respondents of the study. A questionnaire was constructed and distributed to them. The answered instruments were checked, hand scored and analyzed using T-test, one-way Anova and Rendall Coefficient of Concordance Test. Based on the gathered data, the findings of the study revealed that most of the respondents are from rural areas (71.6), graduated from private schools (78.7) and have parents whose occupations are non-health related (92.9). On the other hand, the highest rated concept of the respondents was “Nursing is an art, a science, and a profession” (4.806). Based on the findings, the researchers concluded that there is no significant difference in the respondents’ perceptions about the concepts of nursing when they were grouped according to parents’ occupation, school from where they graduated and place of residence.

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