The practices of selected communities in Dasmariñas, Cavite regarding prevention of acquiring pulmonary tuberculosis

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Tuberculosis, Public Health


The study used the descriptive survey design of investigation through questionnaires. The 150 persons selected to be part of the study came from the selected communities in Dasmarinas, Cavite. The respondents chosen were 18 to 65 years old, who could understand English or Tagalog, not diagnosed with PTB, mentally and physically capable to answer the questions and willing to participate. Convenience sampling was used in selecting the respondents. The self-made tool was used in collecting data in a form of questionnaire wherein their practices regarding prevention of acquiring PTB were graded with a corresponding degree or level utilizing the Likert scale. The researchers utilized the following statistical treatments: 1) frequency distribution; 2) percentage distribution; 3) mean; 4) t-test of independent means; and 5) F-test. The study drew up the following conclusions: 1) Majority of the respondents belong to young and middle adulthood (30-45 years old), married, male, high school graduate, unemployed, Catholic, and has a monthly income of P10,000 and below; 2) The respondents of selected communities in Dasmarinas, Cavite have a good practice in the prevention of acquiring pulmonary tuberculosis; 3) There is a significant difference on the practices in selected communities in Dasmarinas, Cavite on the prevention of acquiring PTB when they are grouped according to age. However, there is no significant difference when they are grouped according to civil status, gender, educational attainment, occupation, religious affiliation and socioeconomic status.

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