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Bachelor of Science in Nursing




This study used the descriptive qualitative research approach. Using an audio recorder, the researchers conducted individual interviews with the participants to gather information. The interview was transcribed in verbatim. The interview aimed to proved answers to the questions, "As a student nurse, what is empathy for you?" Collaizzi's method was data analysis was then used in the study analysis. After the data were analyzed, four themes were formed and identified. The first theme, Empathy Defined talks about the meaning of empathy as a whole and its importance in the medical field. The second theme, Empathy Learned discusses the importance of parents and loved ones in instilling empathy within their children. The third theme is "The Decline" that resulted in the decline of empathy. The fourth theme is "The Building Up" which shows how student nurses gave deeper meaning empathy despite all the struggles they faced which decline their empathetic level.

First Advisor

Ma. Jennifer A. Ellema