The effectiveness of different classroom teaching methodologies on the learning process as perceived by BSN batch 2011 of DLSHSI

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Teaching Methods, Education, Nursing


The study utilized a quantitative descriptive type of research design. The respondents of the study are the nursing students of batch 2011 in De La Salle Health Sciences Institute of Dasmariñas, Cavite. The researchers employed the stratified random sampling as their sampling technique. The respondents are selected randomly by dividing the population into subgroups based on their respective RLE groupings then the researchers took a simple random sample of each group. The researchers used a self-made questionnaire consisted of 20 items as their research instrument. The frequencies, percentage distribution, mean, t-test of independent mean and f-test were used to interpret the data collected by the researchers. The following conclusions are made based on the findings of the study: 1) Majority of the respondents are female, Catholic and have a monthly family income of Php50,001 and above; 2) The respondents perceived a high level of effectiveness on the learning process when lecture discussion (using technology), group discussion, reporting and role playing were utilized; 3) There is no significant difference on the level of effectiveness of the different classroom teaching methodologies when they are grouped according to gender and religion. In terms of lecture discussion, there is a significant difference when the respondents are grouped according to family monthly income.

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