Nurses' experiences of post graduate training

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Professional Competence, Education, Nursing, Graduate. Nurses


This study utilized qualitative research, particularly the phenomenological approach. Eight (8) registered nurses who have not undergone any training from hospitals other than the one they were having as their first-hand training were chosen as participants using purposive sampling. The participants were chosen based on the intent of the study. In analyzing the insights of the participants’ spoken depiction about their experiences as licensed nurses undergoing training, we used Colaizzi’s method. Experiences presented by the participants were transcribed and formed into clusters; manings were extracted and reflected on to bring about the interpretation that best captured the truth in the participants’ experiences. The study concluded that the different experiences of the participants, regardless of the hospital where they were having their post-graduate training, had some similarities especially with the relationship they have developed towards their co-post graduate nurse trainees, staff nurses and doctors in the area they were assigned. Some of them, especially those who graduated and had their training in the same institution, believed that it was easier for them to cope with the institutions’ policies. Meeting new people, practicing and putting into action what they have learned from school and enhancing their skills were some of the things these participants have experienced. Participants have undergone adjustments in various aspects of their lives, especially in allotting time for their social life. They found it difficult to adapt to certain changes but they were able to handle this through time management.

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