The level of compliance to the ten rights of medication administration of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute nursing students Batch 2012

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Treatment Adherence and Compliance, Students, Nursing


The study utilized a quantitative descriptive type of research design and convenience type of sampling. The tool of the study used was a self-made questionnaire composed of thirty (30) items which were divided into three events. The main statistical treatments used were percentage distribution, mean, t-test of independent variable, f-test or one way ANOVA and the two-way ANOVA test. The study concluded that, 1) Most of the respondents were 19 years of age, female,belonged to the group twith a GPA of 86-90 and had an independent learning style; 2) Nursing students Batch 2012 had a very high level of compliance to the ten rights of medication administration; 3) There is no significant difference in the compliance of nursing students to the ten rights when they are grouped according to socio-demographic profile.

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