The level of acceptance of parents with special children enrolled in special education program in selected public elementary schools

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Education, Special, Child, Exceptional, Child, Gifted, Adaptation, Psychological


A quantitative non-experimental, descriptive technique was used. There were 80 respondents chosen using purposive sampling technique. Data was collected through a self-made questionnaire and analyzed and interpreted using frequency distribution, percentage, mean arithmetic, range of mean values, and f-test. The study concluded that, 1) Majority of the respondents were 29-30 years old, female, married, reached college level and earn P25,001 above per month; 2) The respondents have moderate level of acceptance to their special children; 3) The level of acceptance of parents had no significant difference when grouped according to age, gender, monthly family income, educational attainment and civil status.

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