Level of coping mechanisms of the family taking care of patients attached to mechanical ventilator

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Adaptation, Psychological, Ventilators, Mechanical, Family Relations, Family Nursing


The study used a descriptive method of research and utilized a self-made questionnaire as data gathering instrument. It involved 30 respondents who were family members taking care of the patients attached to mechanical ventilator in a ward or in Intensive Care Unit and selected through purposive/convenience simple random sampling technique. Correlation coefficient, Analysis of Variance and t-test were used to statistically treat the data gathered. The study concluded that, the levels of family coping mechanisms do not affect the family member who takes care of the patient attached to mechanical ventilator according to its demographic factors namely, family income, education, occupation, position in the family, length of hospitalization and clinical condition. Family members who experience giving care to patients with compromised breathing and ventilation and attached to machines display behaviors that help them cope in the situation.

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