The relationship of school age children's (6-12 y.o) level of anxiety during admission in the emergency room to compliance to management

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Anxiety, Children, Emergency Service, Hospital, Medication Adherence


The quasi non-experimental type of research was employed. Using purposive sampling technique, 45 male and female school age children (6-12 years old) who came to the Emergency Room of DLSUMC and JPRNMHRC were selected as the subjects. Observation guide made by the researchers was utilized. A checklist of behavior that can be observed from the child during admission in the Emergency Room was categorized into mild, moderate or severe. The statistical treatments used were frequency, weighted mean and f-test. The study concluded that, 1) The level of anxiety during admission in the Emergency Room was not greatly affected by age and sex. The level of anxiety was greater during the third or multiple hospitalizations. The number of hospitalizations may cause traumatic experiences from invasive procedure resulting to further anxiety; 2) The compliance to management is affected by the form of medication and procedure. Inspection and palpation do not produce much anxiety. Invasive procedures and oral medications produce a level of anxiety; 3) There is a significant relationship between the level of anxiety during admission in the Emergency Room to compliance to management.

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