The lived experience of illegitimate children : a phenomenological study

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Parent-Child Legal Relationship, Domestic Relations, Illigitimacy, Children's Rights, Marital Relations, Family


This study utilized the phenomenological approach of qualitative research. The information was gathered personally through interview using tape recorder and produced an exact transcription of what had been recorded. Using convenience sampling technique, the study selected nine (9) illegitimate children, male and female who were 15 to 21 years old. These children had different orientation regarding their status as illegitimate. Colaizzi’s method was used for data analysis. The study concluded that, illegitimate children vary on the experiences of being an illegitimate. The degree of affection in their lives also differs and although this experience is the most difficult situation they have encountered, they never give up and still possess courage to continue facing and picking up the broken pieces of their lives.

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