The lived experiences of pediatric intensive care unit nurses

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Intensive Care Units, Pediatric, Nurses, Pediatric Nursing


The qualitative research design was utilized in this study, specifically the phenomenological approach. Purposive and snowball sampling were utilized to select the participants. Data was obtained using in-depth interview and observation then analyzed through Colaizzi's phenomenological approach. The study found out that it is essential for a pediatric intensive care unit (ICU) nurse to undergo trainings and seminars to improve their skills and perform the necessary task expected of them. Aside from the physical preparations, a pediatric ICU nurse should also be emotionally and spiritually prepared because their patients have varying conditions, such as patients who require constant monitoring and patients who are dependent on the nurse to provide self-care. They need to have a strong heart in order to deal with physical and emotional demands of the patients and their relatives.

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Daisy H. Alberto

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