Footprint on a native land : a close look (a phenomenological study on the experiences of selected nurses in various nursing fields working in the Philippines)

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing




The study used a phenomenological approach of qualitative research. The informants were personally interviewed by the researchers using a tape recorder with the grand tour question “What are the experiences of nurses who work in the Philippines?” Data was analyzed using Colaizzi’s method of phenomenology. Purposive type of sampling technique was utilized to select the participants of the study who were school nurses, community health nurses, hospital nurses and nurse educators in chosen communities, schools and hospital in Cavite. The study concluded that, the ideologies, experiences, passion and outlook of the informants differ individually. The experiences shared by the informants differed in both the structure and in meaning. Optimistic experiences evoked feelings of fulfillment towards profession, achievement, commitment, passion, appreciation and patriotic inclinations. However, negative experiences brought emotional conflict on the lives of the informants. These pessimistic experiences create a shadow which they tend to suppress, such as frustrations, dilemma of character, soulful demise, and economic and monetary priorities. The informants comprehended that individual enthusiasm is indeed rooted on the various human experiences which serve as the principal mentors of man. They inculcated in themselves their humanistic values and wisdom to employ their most excellent deeds for any level or type of clientele whom they serve. This is the real essence of their roles as advocates of human life as they uphold their profession as “nurses” who continue to uplift mankind holistically in their own native land. Through these experiences, they were able to attain wisdom in their chosen profession and draw out noteworthy contributions to the clients whom they render their service. Indeed, the nursing field, specifically in the Philippine setting, is double-faceted and mutual. These clearly convey their roles as icons of the present reality in the health care setting, upholding to their mission for passion and service to their fellowmen.

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