Personal encounters of student nurses with dying patients in the clinical areas a phenomenological study

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Nurses, Dying


This study employed the phenomenological method. Using purposive sampling technique, seven (7) student nurses at De La Salle University Health Sciences Campus were selected as respondents of the study. Participants underwent a series of interview for data collection. The interviews were conducted in Tagalog and the participants’ manner of answering the questions was a combination of English and Tagalog as long as they explained their thoughts and gave the researchers a reliable answer. The interviews were recorded via tape recorder when the participants allowed it. Data was analyzed through Colaizzi’s phenomenological method of analysis. Based on the information gathered, student nurses who were interviewed had different perceptions on death and dying. Most saw it as the cessation of life. Others viewed it fearfully while others said it was God's way of getting us back to our real home, which is beyond our earthly abode. The emotional response to the situation yielded fear as the foremost reaction for most of the student nurses. Sympathy was also felt for the patient and the relatives. The student nurses who observed the phenomenon of dying have made their reflection. Guilt was freely expressed. Questions of inadequacy were asked. There were some who questioned themselves of their integrity and competence as a nurse. Giving themselves to the patient and making themselves available for them for all their needs gave way to the feelings of attachment that brought about the feelings of loss when the patient died. Dealing with the dying brought them to realize the value of life.

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