Greenhorns in the community: a phenomenological study

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Nursing Students, Community Participation


The study used a phenomenological approach of qualitative research. Using purposive sampling technique, the study was conducted in De La Salle Health Sciences Campus, College of Nursing and Midwifery. Information was obtained from 12 sophomore nursing students Batch 2006 who were willing to share their experience during their related learning experience at the community and answer the grand tour question: “What are your experiences during your community exposure as part of your AHSE106 RLE?” Informants were personally interviewed by the researchers using a tape recorder. Data was analyzed using Colaizzi’s phenomenological methodology. The study concluded that the experiences of selected sophomore students varied individually. Each student had different feelings and emotions, realization and feeling of self-fulfillment. They also had encountered problems during the conduct of the community exposure. From all of these, the sophomore nursing students have learned a lot from their experience and have realized that experience is the best teacher. Learning is a continuous process and as people go through life, some learn to age gracefully and accumulate wisdom born from experience. The respondents gained knowledge from different ways. Having this experience gave the respondents the chance to be exposed to the realities of the time. From the result of this study, the researchers conclude that the lived experience of the sophomore nursing students is important in understanding human phenomena as they undergo their initial community exposure.

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