Perception of nursing students on the teaching strategies of the faculty and its effect on the learning enhancement behavior

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Teaching, Faculty, Nursing


The study utilized the descriptive type of research. The questionnaire was adapted and modified from the study by Adena, Camila and Marasigan (2001). Several parts were modified by the researchers. Actual data gathering taken from 104 nursing students was conducted in De La Salle University Health Sciences Campus, specifically in the College of Nursing and Midwifery. They were selected through purposive sampling technique. The study concluded that, most respondents of the study were female, utilized three (3) hours and above time allotted for studying, and have chosen nursing course as their second choice of preference. Lecture discussion utilizing multimedia presentation was perceived to be the most frequently used teaching strategy. The learning enhancement behavior using the teaching strategies, lecture-discussion utilizing behavior using the teaching strategies, lecture-discussion utilizing case analysis and group work and reporting of students on selected assigned topics, lecture-discussion with demonstration and return demonstration, and use of creative pedagogy were not significantly different when grouped according to gender, time allotted for studying and preference to the chosen course because learning is determined by which the learners are engaged with the learning opportunities and not by any other means.

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