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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Stress management, Stress


This study used a descriptive quantitative design, specifically the survey method. Total population of 146 nursing students from De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute were selected using purposive sampling, where 37 were from the second year, 41 from the third year, and 68 from the fourth year. Data was obtained using a self-made questionnaire and analyzed using frequency distribution, mean, standard deviation, independent t-test and analysis of variance. The study concluded that, 1) Most of the respondents were female, Catholic, with the monthly family income of P250,000 and above and the primary source of stress was academic workload; 2) The nursing students of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute commonly performed the following activities to manage stress: doing positive self-talk, doing anything to keep themselves busy, doing self-isolation, doing self-criticism, attending religious activities, and having a quiet time alone; 3) There was no significant difference on the stress management of the respondents when grouped according to sex, monthly family income, religion and primary source of stress.

First Advisor

Daisy H. Alberto