Hopes and struggles of previously admitted amputees in Philippine Orthopedic Center : a phenomenological study

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing




Qualitative data was obtained through a recorded in-depth interview of the informants and observation of their non-verbal cues and mannerisms especially during the conduct of interview. The researchers asked the question: “What is it like to be an amputee patient?”. This was followed by probe questions. Tape interviews were faithfully transcribed verbatim. Significant statements were extracted and meanings were drawn and analyzed using Colaizzi’s (1978) phenomenological approach. There were six (6) admitted amputees in Philippine Orthopedic Center who were chosen based on their personal experience of the phenomenon and their willingness to participate in the study. The ages ranged from 22 to 63 years old. Information was obtained through purposive sampling technique. Selection of respondents was primarily based on their own experiences regardless of their duration of being an amputee, degree of amputation, socio-economic status, civil status, gender and cause of amputation. Based on the outcomes of the study, it was concluded that the hopes and struggles of previously admitted amputees in Philippine Orthopedic Center vary. While most of them experienced fear, pain, anger, self-pity, helplessness, grief and financial problems, the degree by which these were felt and the manner by which these were manifested differ with each other. Though the participants went through several hardships and difficulties, they were able to develop a closer relationship with God and despite the adversities, the positive aspects of the experience were also realized. The manner on how they became closer to God were expressed in almost the same ways, which were through prayers and attending Sunday mass regularly. The presence of hope was also exhibited in different, but somehow similar ways. The role played by the significant other cannot be undermined. During the trying times, their support and assistance proved to be very significant in helping them cope with their situation.

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