Level of perception regarding breastfeeding of postpartum working mothers from selected barangays in Dasmariñas, Bagong Bayan-E

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Breast Feeding, Postpartum Period


The study utilized the descriptive method of research. Respondents of the study were composed of 92 postpartum working mothers selected via snowball sampling identified through referrals. The research instrument used was adapted-modified type of questionnaire and it was subjected to test for validity and reliability. It was distributed by the researchers on a house-to-house basis. The statistical treatments used were mean, frequency, t-test and f-test. The following conclusions were drawn: 1) Majority of the respondents belonged to 15 to 24 years of age, reached high school level, worked at home, had a total number of children ranging from 1 to 2 and delivered via normal spontaneous delivery; 2) Majority of the respondent's perception agreed on breastfeeding despite its advantage and disadvantages and whether they engage or do not engage in breastfeeding; 3) The said profiles of the respondents are not related to the level of perception of postpartum working mothers with regards to breastfeeding.

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