Reactions of selected doctors of De La Salle University Medical center and Andres Bonifacio Memorial Hospital regarding herbal medicine

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Herbal Medicine


This study used the descriptive analytical method of eliciting data for analysis. The questionnaires were formulated by the researcher. Personal interviews with respondents were also conducted. Data was analyzed through frequency. The following conclusions were drawn: 1) Majority of the respondent accepted the use of herbal medicine in different ways. Some accepted its use because it is very useful in some diseases, some said that it is good, effective and non-toxic and others said that it is the source of all modern medicine, thus accepting the null hypothesis; 2) There are many advantages perceived in the use of herbal medicine such as it is cheaper or cost less, safer and effective and locally available while the only disadvantage in its use perceived by the doctors is the preparation, thus accepting the null hypothesis.

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