The different level of satisfaction between hospital nurses in J P Rizal Memorial Hospitals and nursing education in De La Salle University-Emilio Aguinaldo College

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Job Satisfaction, Education, Nursing


The study used a non-experimental descriptive design. Thirty (30) respondents were selected using simple random sampling from the entire population of 25 staff nurses and 25 nursing educators. A checklist questionnaire was formulated and administered by the researchers to the respondents, which was composed of five (5) descriptive choices. Data was analyzed through Pearson’s formula or coefficient correlational. Scattered plot was used for graphic representation in the presentation of data in tables. The study concluded that staff nurses and nursing educators have their own professional and personal fulfillment and satisfaction with regards to their profession and service and they achieve advancement in terms of profession and motivation through staffing and teaching.

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