Psychosocial development of undergraduate students in De La Salle Health Sciences Institute as influenced by grandparents

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Psychosocial Functioning, Grandparents


This study used a non-experimental descriptive research design. A total of 54 undergraduate students studying in De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, City of Dasmarinas Cavite was included in the study using purposive sampling. The researchers used a modified-adapted research instrument from “The Perceived Effect of Having an Absent Parent on the Psychosocial Development of Nursing Students in De La Salle Health Sciences Institute” done by Alambra, S.B., Gonzales, R.F., and Usis, T. (2014) composed of 30 questions. Data was analysed using percentage, mean, standard deviation, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), and t-test. In conclusion, the respondents have a very good psychosocial development in terms of behavioral expressions of a sense of trust and mistrust, autonomy and shame and doubt, initiative and guilt, industry and inferiority, identity and role confusion, and intimacy and isolation.

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