Lived experiences of registered nurses working in other fields of practice

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing




This study focused on recognizing and understanding the lived experiences of registered nurses who are working in other fields of practice not related to nursing. Qualitative research was used. A total of seven (7) respondents were chosen using purposive sampling. Data was collected using scheduled interviews. The themes of the study were situated in the context of a journe from the river towards the sea to reach a destination. The journey entails different experiences, good and bad, before the nurses finally landed a destination of their choice. The study highlighted and uncovered the many wonders and surprises entailed in the stories of the various registered nurses working in other fields of practice. It emphasized in the study that every individual’s experience differ from one another. Amidst these differences was a common beginning: the nursing profession has given them remarkable experiences, both good and bad, that made them grow as a better person.

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