The meaning of nursing : a qualitative study

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Education, Nursing


The study used a qualitative study through a descriptive qualitative approach with the grand tour question of “What is the meaning of nursing for you, based on your experiences as a student nurse?” A total of eight participants were interviewed by the researchers personally with the use of a recorder and were chosen using purposive sampling. Transcriptions of the interview were made afterwards. The researchers created their own approach in analyzing the data collected. Colaizzi’s method of data analysis was adapted. The study concluded that the meanings of nursing were mostly based from experiences of the participants during their last two years. The initial meanings of nursing, namely those created in the earlier years, have been only superficial and are found to be greatly influenced by the environment, including the media and other individuals. Having experienced first hand what it is like to go on clinical duties and applying their education in the actual area during their third year and fourth year, transitioned the meanings that was individualized to them, meanings that came from themselves and not through the perception of others.

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