A study on the effectiveness of corn, garlic and ginger plants.

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Corn, Garlic, Ginger, Herbal Medicine, Alternative Medicine


This research study was based on the descriptive type of research. The researcher made use of a purposive sampling technique to conduct the study. The questionnaire was the primary research instrument. In analyzing the data, the frequency distribution was used. The significant findings of this study were: 1) The uses of medicinal plants namely corn, garlic, and ginger can cure cough and colds, headache, hypertension, nephritis, edema and nausea and vomiting; 2) Majority of the respondents got the information on the use of medicinal plant from the media. Others from their ancestor, relative/friends and quack doctors; 3) Majority of the respondents were preparing these medicinal plants by squeezing and applying and squeezing and smelling, some were squeezing and suspending in water while few were washing and eating them; and 4) Majority of respondents perceived that when they use these medicinal plants, they were temporarily cured, some said moderately, others totally cured wherein few said it has no effect. The following conclusions were drawn: 1) Majority of the respondents have different perception in using these three herbal plants, thus rejecting the first hypothesis; 2) Their source of information regarding medicinal plants came mostly from media and some from ancestor, relative/friends, quack doctors, thereby rejecting the second hypothesis; 3) In preparing these medicinal plants, they have different ways of preparing the herbal medicine, thus accepting the third hypothesis; and 4) People differ in the perceived effect of herbal plants, thus accepting the last hypothesis.

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