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Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science


Cavite, characteristics, needle-prick injury, occurrence of blood exposures, PPE, tertiary hospital


Blood is a potential infectious material from the human body due to its ability to carry pathogenic microorganisms that could be incidentally transmitted in the field of health care service. The objectives of the study are to determine the occurrence of work-related blood exposure incidents among the affected population, identify the primary cause of their blood exposure, and to ascertain if they wear personal protective equipment during working hours. It aims to answer the magnitude of this occupational health risk by providing a descriptive distinction using approved data collection tools. Furthermore, this study helps address the gaps in knowledge regarding blood exposures by serving as a reference study for future research within the area of Cavite or all over the Philippines, prompting a potential nation-wide scale of research.

Methods: The cross-sectional descriptive study used purposive sampling with the participants selected based on the criteria set by the researchers. The respondents answered from printed test-questionnaires based on the Sample Blood and Body Fluid Exposure Form of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Data were then analyzed accordingly.

Results: The most frequent occurrence of work-related blood exposures is one time per week, according to 57% of the respondents. The primary cause of blood exposure is percutaneous injury, according to 47% of the respondents. All participants wore personal protective equipment during their working hours.

Conclusion: The findings demonstrated a high degree of exposure rates among the housekeeping staff with 16 out of the 28 respondents experiencing a blood exposure at least once per week. It was discovered that percutaneous injury is the primary cause of blood exposure, answered by 13 respondents. The respondents have been found to be donning PPE during their working hours.

First Advisor

Jennilyn Nicole G. Mendoza