Erythroprotective effects of Astaxanthin for immunohematology therapy

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Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science




This study used experimental research design. Blood samples were tested on the 1st and 24th hour since adding 5 and 20 mm of Astaxanthin. Units were tested on their potassium and 2, 3-disphosphoglycerate levels, and their values were compared with the negative control. The testing for potassium is based on the procedure by Profame Diagnostic Reagent while testing of 2, 3-DPG was based on the kit used. The results of the study showed that the there was no optimal concentration for potassium because both Astaxanthin concentrations caused slight increases. The optimal concentration for 2, 3-DPG as compared with the low concentration and the negative control of the study. The concentration of Astaxanthin had a significant effect on the 2, 3-DPG levels whilst the time of administration of Astaxanthin had little to no effects in regards to the overall results. The optimum concentration of the study was 20 mm, this is due to its effects on 2, 3-DPG, the main parameter of the study, a high concentration of Astaxanthin indicated maintenance of high 2, 3-DPG levels in blood.

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