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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry


antioxidant, Hibabao, Broussonetia luzonica, Antioxidants


The antioxidant activity of the crude extracts obtained from B. luzonica flowers and leaves were measured. Ethyl acetate, n-hexane and water were used separately as the extracting solvents, six extracts were obtained in total. the total phenolic contents of these extracts were determined using the Folin-Ciocalteu assay. The water extracts of the leaves and flowers of B. luzonica were the highet amount of phenolic content obtained, the n-hexane extract of B. luzonica leaves contained the lowest amount of phenolic compounds. For the antioxidant activity, the highest percentage radical scavenging activity was obtained in the ethyl acetate flowers extract and the lowest was the n-hexane leaves extract. From the results obtained, there was an increase in the amount of phenolic content with increasing polarity. There seemed to be a moderately low correlation between the total phenolic content and DPPH free radical scavenging activity of the various extracts.

First Advisor

Margel C. Bonifacio