Isolation, purification and partial characterization of Areca ipot leaf extracts

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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry




Areca ipot, an endemic and vulneralbe species of palm tree found in the Philippines, has known studies on its phytoconstituents and antimicrobial activity, In this study, phytochemical constituents of the PE, DCM and EtOH crude extracts were screened. The purified isolates from the DCM crude extract were characterized using chemical and spectroscopic methods. From the results, the pure isolates contain terpenes with hydroxyl and carbonyl functionalities. Moreover, well diffusion test was done on the crude extracts against S. aureus (gram-positive bacteria) and E. coli (gram-negative bacteria). Among the three crude extracts, only the EtOH crude extract exhibited a weak inhibition against S. aureus and E. coli and had an MIC of 0.025 mg/mL against S. aureus.

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