In vitro screening of antibacterial activity of selected Schefflera species

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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry


Antibacterial Agents.


This study aims to test the antibacterial activity of selected Schefflera species, whicha re S. arboricola, S. elliptica and S. actinophylla. The extracts were screened for their phytochemical constituents using thin-layer chromatography. Spray reagents, which are Borntrager, Dragendorff, antimony (III) chloride, vanillin-sulfuric acid, α-napththol-sulfuric acid, potassium ferricyanide-ferric chloride, Kedde, Liebermann-Burchard and Van Urk-Salkowsksi, were used to detect the presence of specific compounds in the extract. Hexane, dichrolomethane and methanol were used for extracting the plants with increasing polarity. For the antibacterial activity of each plant extract, Kirby-Bauer method and followed by Minimum Inhibition Concentration (MIC) assay were performed. Among the plants extracts tested, only s. arboricola exhibited a strong inhibitory activity against S. aureus. The other two had a weak activity S. aureaus, S. elliptica and S. actinophylla did not exhibit any antibacterial effect against E. coli. The zones of inhibition from Kirby-Bauer method were subjected to one-way ANOVA.

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