Comparative profiling of some grain quality traits of milled rice from SM Hypermarket and wet market in Kadiwa, Dasmarinas City, Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry




All open-bin milled rice samples from SM Hypermarket and open-bin milled rice samples priced Php40 and below from the wet market, both in Kadiwa, Dasmarinas City, Cavite were collected from October to November 2017 and their market labels as well as selling price per kg were noted. The samples were subjected to physicochemical tests specifically those affecting rice cooking and eating quality. Out of the 20 milled rices, high apparent amylose content (AC) was the prevalent AC type for both markets (mean AC of 22.90% for SM Hypermarket and 24.52% for the wet market). The gelatinization temperature (GT) as indexed by the alkali spreading value (ASV), was predominantly intermediate for both markets with a mean ASV of 5.30 for the SM Hypermarket and 4.61 for the wet market. It was found that the chief AC-GT combination for both markets was high-AC-intermediate GT. The main GC type fro the high-AC samples was hard for both markets with a mean gel length of 33.46 mm and 37.78 mm for SM Hypermarket and wet market respectively. Optimum cooking time (CT) was preeminently 17 min with only slight variations within samples. All in all, the rice samples from both markets were long and slender in shape. The mean grain length obtained for SM Hypermarket and wet market respectively. The grain length and grain shape of both market types were found to be highly positively correlated. Grain length was found to be significantly positively correlated with price in the SM Hypermarket alone. AC had a significant negative correlation with ASV among all samples but showed no significant correlation when samples from wet market and SM Hypermarket were considered. Positive correlation was observed between ASV and CT in the SM Hypermarket. Parameters with no significant correlation was disregarded from the discussion.

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