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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry




This study was conducted to identify whether the edible portions of the Momordica cochinchinensis fruit can serve as a dietary protein source since it is locally available and indigenous to the Philippines. The crude protein was extracted by solvent extraction method using a PBS buffer (pH 7.4). The biuret test qualitatively confirmed the presence of proteins. The crude protein content present in the pulp and aril was0.221 ± 0.006 mg/mL through Bradford assay. Protein sub-units with molecular weights of 30 kDa, 51 kDa and 131 kDa were identified using sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). The mass of the most abundant protein subunit was determined to be51kDa. Due to the low protein content present in the pulp and aril, techniques such as freeze drying can be employed in order to increase yield. The data acquired from this research and other similar researches can be consolidated to create a plant based diet centered on complementary amino acids to fulfill daily protein dietary requirements.

First Advisor

Tabitha L. Amora