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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry


Cerbera manghas Linn. fruit, Thevetia peruviana, Peruvianin-I, In silico


This paper evaluates the potential hemolytic activity of Cerbera manghasLinn. fruit, also known as baraibai in the Philippines. Through Bradford assay, the concentration of the extracted protein was found to be0.1695 mg/mL. SDS-PAGE was also performed, however, may it be due to the low concentration, no visible bands were formed. In silico evaluation of the potential hemolytic activity of Cerbera manghas Linn. fruit was done using the peptic, tryptic and chymotryptic hydrolysates of Peruvianin-I, from Thevetia peruviana, as the model peptide. The pepsin-, trypsin-and chymotrypsin-hydrolyzed sequences of the peptide was obtained first then their hemolytic potency was determined using HemoPi: Hemolytic peptide identification server. The original peptide sequence had a PROB score of 0.48.Indicating the possible presence of hemolytic peptide in Cerbera manghasLinn. fruit. All the hydrolysates except one had an increase in potency of0.01. Therefore, concluded that the peptide is possibly more toxic when digested.

First Advisor

Tabitha L. Amora, RCh, PhD