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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry


Antdepressant Agents, Plant Extracts, Muntingia calabura


With depression increasing in prevalence, development of more affordable and less harmful treatments alternative to laboratory-synthesized antidepressants is sought out. This study focused on the potential antidepressant-like properties of plants, specifically, Muntingia calabura leaves. Antidepressant-like activity of the M. calabura leaf ethanoloic extract was determined through in vivo behavioral assays, the forced swimming test (FST) and the tail suspension test (TST), on male ICR mice in a range of doses: 500 mg/kg, 750 mg/kg, and 1000 mg/kg. The extract was compared to a standard, fluoxetine. Immobility duration (%) represented the observable antidepressant-like activity in the assays. Results of the extract in FST and TST showed a general decrease in immobility compared to the negative control at p

First Advisor

Tabitha L. Amora