An experimental study on the effects of Ginkgo biloba tablets on the spatial memory and learning of rattus sp.

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Clinical Pharmacology


Ginkgo biloba, Rats, Spatial Memory, Learning


The researchers aimed to determine the effects of Ginkgo biloba on the spatial memory and learning of Rattus sp. subjects 12 one-month old rats were randomized, habituated, and divided into control, experimental, and withdrawal groups, which were initially given a single dose, then were given double doses or were withdrawn from the treatment. The effect of treatment with or without ginkgo biloba was measured using an 8-arm radial maze, and the subject's performance was evaluated using a scoring system, all of which were statistically analyzed using T-Test of Equal Variance. Based on the experiment results, the effect of gingko biloba in both double doses and withdrawal from treatment did not produce any significant difference in the performance of the subjects. The researchers therefore recommended a longer exposure to treatment, alternative reinforcement cues, and other types of mazes to measure spatial memory and learning, and possibly more variation in drug dosaging.

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