Evaluation of the influence of television drug advertisements in the purchasing of over-the-counter drugs among residents aged 50 and above in Baranga

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Capstone Project

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Clinical Pharmacology




This study used an analytical cross-sectional research design. Two hundred eighteen (218) person aged 50 and above living in Barangay Burol Main was chosen using haphazard sampling via door-to-door survey and guided interviews. Data was analyzed through Chi-square test, frequency distribution and percentage. Based on the results, the study concluded that watching drug television advertisements is strongly associated with buying of OTC drugs. Moreover, watching more drug television advertisements is correlated with purchasing of more OTC drugs. However, our model is not a good predictor in determining the exact increase in OTC drugs purchased for every drug television advertisement watched. In addition to that, our study found that only gender and civil status is associated with buying of OTC drugs.

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