Investigation of anti-anemic property of Euphorbia hirta ethanolic extract (tawa tawa) among Phenylhydrazine induced rats

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Clinical Pharmacology


Anemia, Ethanol, Rats, Euphorbia


This study aimed to determine the presence of a possible anti-anemic property of Euphorbia hirta, a medicinal plant with established reputation in treating various ailments, among phenylhydrazine induced rats. This study utilized 30 Wistar Albino rats, and after a 5-day acclimatization period, were grouped into three according to the dose of treatment received. Group I served as the negative control while rats belonging to Group II received 200 mg/kg dose of Euphorbia hirta crude extract. On the other hand, rats belonging to Group III were administered with 600 mg/kg dose of the extract. Blood samples were obtained via cardiac puncture and hematologic parameters were assessed by determining the red blood cells, hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. Data assessment of the p-values of the hematologic parameters were performed using one way ANOVA. However, although administration of both low and high dose of Euphorbia hirta crude extract showed a minimal increase in hematologic parameters, there was no significant increase in the levels red blood cell count, hemoglobin, and hematocrit statistically.

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