Phytochemical profile and antimicrobial activity of dellenia philippinensis (katmon) fruit extract on S. aureus and E. coli

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Clinical Pharmacology


Phytochemicals, Anti-Infective Agents, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli


The objective of the study was to determine the phytochemical profile and antimicrobial activity of Dellenia philippinensis (katmon) fruit extract on S. aureaus and E. coli. A quasi-experiment was conducted using a powdered extract from the fruit of Dillenia Philippinensis. It was submitted, to the Department of Science and Technology for screening to identify its phytochemcial characteristics. Mann-Whitney U-test was used to analyze the difference in minimum inhibitory concentration of the fruit extract and ceftriaxone 250mg on food-borne microorganizms, E.coli and S. aureus. Results provided evidence on antimicrobial property of Dillenia philippinensis fruit extract, being able to inhibit the growth of both E.coli and S. aureaus. Despite its antimicrobial property, the fruit extract was still inferior to the antimicrobial effect of Ceftriaxone.

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