A randomized control trial on the comparison of the efficacy of moringa oleifera seeds, leaves and root extracts as an antiflammatory agent in Albino rattus norvegicus with induced paw edema against a standard drug of indomethacin

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Clinical Pharmacology


Moringa Oleifera (Malunggay), Rat, Anti-Inflammatory Agents, Indomethacin


In this study, the efficacy Moringa oleifera extract from seeds, roots, and leaves were used as an anti-inflammatory agent in albino Rattus norvegicus with induced right hind paw edema and was compared against a standard drug of indomethacin. The rats were randomized and grouped into 5 different treatment groups with different concentration used and were respectively as follows: for the control (0.01 mL/g), Indomethacin (20 mg/kg), seed extract (3 mg/g), leaf extract (3 mg/g), and root extract (3 mg/g). With a calibrated mercurial plethysmometer, each of the test subjects' right hind paws were measured respectively at zero, 30, 60, and 90 minutes after edema was induced by sub plantar injection of carrageenan. Results revealed that Moringa oleifera can inhibit inflammatory reaction in parallel with the standard Indomethacin, with the leaf extract demonstrating the highest inhibition in the albino Rattus norvegicus by 110.5%, then the seed extract by 109.33%, and finally the root extract by 105.5. However, these differences in mean percent inhibition were not significant hence all being comparable to Indomethacin at 90 minute post induction of edema.

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