Synergistic antimicrobial effects of Musa paradisiaca ethyl acetate peel extracts and ciprofloxacin against Salmonella typhi in vitro : an experimental study

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Clinical Pharmacology


Anti-Infective Agents, Musa, Ciprofloxacin, Salmonella typhi


This study determined the antibacterial effects of Musa paradisiaca ethyl acetate peel extracts against S. Typhi and examined the capability of banana peel extracts as an active synergist to Ciprofloxacin. The strain of S. typhi used for the evaluation was acquired from Angelo King. The banana peel extract was prepared using ethyl acetate and antibacterial activity through MIC was assessed using Agar dilution method and susceptibility was assessed using MIC determination and Kirby Bauer test. In the study, the MIC of Ciprofloxacin against S. Typhi was found out to be 0.0125 mcg/ml while on the other hand, M. paradisiaca yielded no MIC in the Agar Dilution method. From the results of the study, it was suggested that a banana peel ethyl acetate extract of M. paradisiacal has no antibacterial activity against S. typhi.

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