In-vitro determination of antibacterial effect of crude extract obtained from the leaves of andrographis paniculata (serpentina) on klebsielle pneumoniae

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Clinical Pharmacology


Antibacterial Agents, Plant Extracts, Klebsielle pneumoniae


The study was made to determine the antimicrobial effect of crude extract obtained from the leaves of andrographic paniculate (serpentina) against klebsiella pneumoniae. An in vitro study that involves treatment with A. peniculata (serpentina) leaf crude extracts, gentamicin and ceftriaxone against K, pneumoniae were determined by measuring the inhibition zone of the drugs and plant extract on the bacterial culture after 24 hours of observation.The crude extract of A. paniculata had no inhibitory effect in the growth of K, pneumoniae. Therefore, K. pneumoniae exhibited resistance to plant crude extracts. Further studies on A. paniculate bioactive molecules and inhibitory effect to other bacterial growth were recommended.

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