The efficacy of ethanolic extract of longevity spinach's (Gynura procumbens) stem in decreasing total serum cholesterol in ICR mice

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Clinical Pharmacology


Ethanol, Cholesterol, Spinach, Harpagophytum, Mice


This study was undertaken to determine the potential of Gynura procumbens stem on lowering the blood cholesterol level of ICR mice. Various concentrations of ethanolic extract of the Gynura procumbens stem were prepared and orally administered to the mice daily for one week. Eighteen ICR mice which were divided into three treatment groups, namely: Control, 750mg/kg, and 1000mg/kg. Each treatment was done in triplicate. The mice were acclimatized for 7 days before high fat content diet was introduced. After acclimatization, one week was allotted for the induction of high fat content diet containing pellet-grains with butter to induce high blood cholesterol on the mice. Thereafter, another week was allotted for the administration of different treatments. Three sets of blood samples were collected: after acclimazation, after high fat diet and after treatment, serum analysis was obtained by using cholesterol meter apparatus. Results have shown that the ethanolic extract of Gynura procumbens stem have lowered the blood cholesterol levels of the mice however it was not statistically significant. Among the genders, it was found out that males have greater reduction in their blood cholesterol levels compared to females however it was not statistically significant. Comparing the different treatment groups, it was found out that 750mg/kg had the greatest reduction in blood cholesterol levels however it was not statistically significant. This is followed by 1000mg/kg, and control.

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