The determination of the in-vitro effect on clotting time of African nightcrawler earthworms (Eudrilus eugeniae) in comparison to heparin

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Clinical Pharmacology


Oligochaeta, Heparin


The study determined the in-vitro effect on clotting time of African Nightcrawler Earthworms (Eudrilus eugeniae), which can be utilized as a possible organic alternative source of anticoagulant, in different concentrations using Lee-white method for determination of clotting time to the positive control group and negative control group which are Heparin and plain NSS, respectively. The researchers obtained extracts from adult form of African Nightcrawler earthworms. 150mg/0,22mL and 300 mg/0.43mL concentrations were used as experimental groups. The researchers obtained blood samples through a venipuncture from 11 healthy volunteers, aged 20-25 years old, who are either male or female, working or studying at DLSHSI, without co-morbid disease conditions such as hypertension, congestive heart failure, dyslipidemic disorders and coagulation disorders (Hemophilia A and B or Diabetes), and lastly, not a recent consumer of NSAIDs. By using the Lee-White method for the determination of the clotting time, the 150mg and 300mg showed prolonging of clotting time. Although the 150 mg group showed a mean clotting time higher than the negative control, the clotting time was still within normal range of 6-10 minutes. The 300mg group showed more promising result which resulted to a prolongation of mean clotting time of more than 10 minutes. However, the 300 mg group was not comparable to Heparin in prolonging the clotting time.

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