Comparison of the analgesic properties of cucumis melo seeds extract and ibuprofen on Wistar albino rats rattus novegicus albinus via hot-plate test

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Clinical Pharmacology


Analgesics, Cucumis melo, Ibuprofen, Rats


This study was done to compare the analgesic properties of cucumis melo (CM) seeds oil extract against ibuprofen on rattus norvegicus albinus (Wistar Albino rats) using hot-plate test. Oil extraction was made by utilizing a soxhlet apparatus maintained under 60-70 C for five hours using 80% methanol. Randomization of the three groups was done via drawlots procedure and drugs were administered via syringe feeding. The analgesic properties of CM and ibuprofen were evaluated via Hot-plate test. Onset of pain and the pain tolerance were noted by observing the rats' paw-licking and jumping out of the beaker, respectively. CM group showed the longest time before pain onset, with a mean reaction time of 16.74 seconds. As for pain tolerance, the Ibuprofen group held the longest time with a mean reaction time of 8.69 seconds. Pain threshold (H-1.87, P=.039) and pain tolerance (H=3.29, P=0.193) results showed that there was no statistically significant difference among the analgesic effect of CM and Ibuprofen.

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